Images and videos of the sixth edition of Trasparenze Festival, which was held in Modena from 10 to 13 May 2018 and has crossed different places in the city. The 2018 Festival was created by the Teatro dei Venti in collaboration with ATER – Emilia-Romagna Theater Association and with Teatro Ebasko, with funding from the Cassa di Risparmio di Modena Foundation in the context of the Andante Project, and with the contribution of the Municipality of Modena and of District 2.

With BlakSoulz • bologninicosta • Cantiere Artaud • Chiara Ferrin – Fotografia • Chiara Guidi/Societas • Compagnia Simona Bertozzi • Compagnia STALKer_Daniele Albanese • Dynamis • Etérnit / Teatraltro • Generazione Disagio • Giselda Ranieri – ALDES / Collectif Corps Citoyen • Industria Indipendente • Leviedelfool • Nafrat Collectif (Spagna) • Noemi and Mr. Magus • Natxo Montero_danza (Spagna) • Raffaele Manco – Video • Simone Pacini / fattiditeatro • Strata-Gemma • Takku Ligey (Senegal) • Teatri Mobili • Teatro dei Venti • Teatro dell’Argine • Teatro delle Ariette • Teatro Nucleo • Toroya • Zambra Mora

During the Festival it was held Che arte sarà? Proposals and ideas for a social theater practice of the future
International meeting on the art of theater in the social field, Sunday, October 13 at the Teatro Storchi and other spaces in the city.
Organized by Teatro dei Venti, Teatro Ebasko, Coordinamento Teatro Carcere Emilia-Romagna.
With Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione and ATER – Associazione Teatrale Emilia Romagna.

Photo by Chiara Ferrin

Galleria fotografica, pre-festival 9 maggio 2018