We are looking for performances and interventions to be set in the Urban Spaces of Trasparenze Festival 7th Edition, which will take place in Modena (ITALY) in May 2019.
Submitted proposals must be suitable for extra-theatrical contexts. Please note that proposals specifically thought for conventional venues and then re-adapted for this event will not be taken into consideration.
Received proposals shall then be analysed by both Trasparenze Festival Staff and Konsulta – the group of young 16-30 spectators helping the Artistic Direction in defining the festival programme.

Application deadline: 22 December 2018


The selected proposals will be included in #Trasparenze7 programme and preferably be collocated in the park of Via San Giovanni Bosco 150, Largo Murialdo and the Festival Area’s whereabouts.
Proposals for other urban spaces throughout the city will be evaluated.
Visit https://goo.gl/maps/GBZGAXwMrcQ2 to examine the Area Map and inspect the above-mentioned zone.
Artists and companies can participate by proposing either an already existing project or a project specifically created for Trasparenze Festival.

What Konsulta is looking for:

“When selecting the urban spaces projects, we first ask ourselves: “Will passersby stop to see it? Will curious people and neighbourhood residents try to interpret it in their own way?” This is why we’re looking for projects which are able to speak to everybody, regardless of their life conditions and level of education, capable of transforming any passerby into a spectator, maybe even into an active participant to the performance. We are therefore looking forward to seeing artistic projects with different sources of inspiration, in order to bring together, side by side, playful performances and more poetic ones. Interactivity is an equally important feature: we highly value performances and projects made to involve the audience directly, not only by the means of an actor (e.g. “M²”, Dynamis’ play, on stage during the 2018 edition), but also thanks to an original use of the scene and its media (as in “NuovoCinema500”, in 2016 edition)..


In order to participate, you must send your application by e-mail to comunicazione@trasparenzefestival.it no later than 22/12/2018. Please write “Proposal for #Trasparenze7 Urban Spaces” in the email subject line.

If the work you’re proposing is already in your repertory:
– link to the presentation of your proposal
– link to the video

If the work you’re proposing was specifically designed for

– Description of the project
– link to video material of your repertory
– link to a presentation of your repertory

Selected proposals
The outcome of the selection will be notified by January 20, 2019.
The selected artists and companies will be offered an employment for Trasparenze Festival 7th Edition, on the terms agreed with the Artistic Direction.

+39 334 8352087

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